Your recovery doesn’t end when your insurance runs out.
You need to continue to move toward your goals and reintegrate back into your life, your work, or your sport. Performance UNLIMITED helps you achieve your ultimate goals through innovative Post-Rehab & Reintegration programs. These fee-based services, which are implemented after your insurance is complete, ensure that the progress you made in physical therapy continues until you are fully recovered.

Unlike many rehab facilities, Performance UNLIMITED offers its clients more than just a generic take-home program and a t-shirt. We provide multi-faceted expertise and support for your ongoing recovery. Performance UNLIMITED employs knowledgeable, caring professionals whose skill-sets extend far beyond those of a physical therapist. Our skills include:

  • Cardiovascular & Strength Training
  • Sport Reintegration
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Neurological/Orthopedic Treatments
  • Health & Wellness Coaching

Our Post-Rehab & Reintegration programs will complete your recovery and return you back to the health and quality of life you deserve.