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Performance UNLIMITED is established on one very simple premise – Building Relationships. The foundation of our relationships with our patients and healthcare partners is built on an unwavering, goal-driven commitment to successfully reintegrating people back into their lives. In the process we empower patients to move beyond the injury and embrace opportunities to reclaim their health and redefine their potential.


  • 5 myths of physical therapy

    18 Feb 2016

    5 myths of physical therapy BY Dan Glatz PT,MPT,MS Many people say this is the cold & flu season, but it is also the season for slips, falls, & other bodily injuries.  Whether it is unseen ice on the ground, too much snow shoveling, or not warming up/stretching properly before a workout, injuries, if left unchecked or cared for properly, can cause more harm in the long term.  With the new year upon us, and new starts ahead of us, […]